We’ve Been A Driving Force in Manufacturing Axles Since 1984

Brierton Engineering was started as a part-time business in 1984 to provide repair parts for ground support equipment axles previously provided by Abilene Equipment Co., Abilene, Kansas. Full time manufacturing of complete axles began in July 1987 and Brierton Engineering was incorporated in the state of Kansas in January 1988. With 45,000 sq. feet of building space and 3 acres of additional ground, we are well positioned for future expansion.

We are axle manufacturers but we do much more than that. We also offer engineering, fabrication, welding and assembly services. Our skills, knowledge and equipment have allowed us to provide customers with a diverse array of parts, weldments and assemblies. We’d like to do this for you, too.

Our core product consists of a variety of axles manufactured for several different industries. We provide steering axles for construction road sweepers, warehouse tractors, tow tractors and agricultural equipment, as well as 4-wheel steerable and 5th wheel type running gear for suppliers of ground support equipment. Our product is designed specifically for each application, with an emphasis on using commercially available components, where possible, to lower the costs to our customer. Our design library includes steerable axles in the 1,500-lb. to 10,000 lb. capacity range and 4-wheel running gear designs range from 3,000-lb. to 20,000 lb. capacity.

Our company growth has happened by listening to our customers and providing them with a quality product to meet their requirements, all with a great emphasis on service, competence and friendliness. We plan on continuing these traits and look forward to future growth as a result.