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Keep On Track with Brierton

Brierton Engineering has been designing and manufacturing axles and axle repair parts for ground support and other types of off-highway equipment since 1984. Our product line include 2- and 4-wheel steerable and fifth-wheel-type running gear for support trailers – as well as steering axles for tow tractors, warehouse tractors, construction road sweepers, and other industrial equipment.


All Brierton axles are designed specifically for their applications, but whenever possible, we use standard, commercially available component parts – like brake assemblies – to lower initial and repair costs for our customers. Our typical range for axles is from 1,500 lbs to 10,000 lbs, and our typical range for 4-wheel running gear is from 1,200 to 20,000-lb capacity.

We Do Custom Manufacturing, Too

In addition to providing axles for manufacturers of non-highway and ground support vehicles, we design and manufacture a wide range of other components for OEMs. You値l find more about our capabilities plus a recent machine list under the Manufacturing tab. Using our design and engineering services can help you turn ideas into concrete plans and market-ready products. Using our machining and manufacturing services can help you control costs and keep production on track.

Check Out Our Capabilities

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