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Brierton Industrial Axles

Every Brierton Axle is designed specifically for its application and made from high-grade steel tubing that offers an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and other desirable characteristics for demanding use.

street sweeper mounted on Brierton Axles
  • We make a variety of standard and specialized axle configurations – all customized to their application.
  • Typical range for our axles is from 1,500 lbs to 10,000 lbs, and our typical range for 4-wheel running gear is from 1,200 to 20,000-lb capacity.
  • Our axles are constructed from A500 Grade B tubular steel to gain an advantage in strength while minimizing cost.
  • All welding is done with E71T1 flux cored wire for exceptionally high strength and surface penetration.
  • Braking systems include: service and/or parking; mechanical, electric, or hydraulic; disc or drum. We will work with you to provide a properly sized braking system.
  • Name-brand, commercially available components are used, where suitable, for brakes, bearings, and other assemblies to simplify maintenance and repairs.

Specification: A500 Grade B

Strength Levels:

Yield Strength Min.: 42,000 PSI

Tensile Strength Min.: 58,000 PSI

Elongation % Min.: 23


O.D. Size +/- .75%

Wall Thickness +/- 10%

Chemistry low C, Mn, P, S and residual elements for superior weldability