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Manufacturing Capabilities

Brierton offers in-house machining and manufacturing options covering a wide range of machined and fabricated parts, weldments, and assemblies. Ask us to quote your next project. You値l find a convenient quote form under the Contact Us tab – or call us at 785-263-7711 to start the conversation.

Our Prints or Yours

If you池e in the planning stage, our engineers can develop designs and specifications to take you from concept to creation. We offer SolidWorks solid modeling with integrated Finite Element Analysis to verify design intent. Or give us your specifications and production schedule so that we can produce the components you need – when you need them – at highly competitive prices.

Partial Machine List

We値l let our machine list speak for itself – rather than limit ourselves by describing a selection of the components we致e made. Our manufacturing capability together with our know-how is your assurance that we can match whatever standards you set.

  1. Hardinge/Bridgeport XR760 Vertical Machining Center
    30" x 24" x 24 (X-Y-Z) 12000 RPM Spindle
  2. Hardinge/Bridgeport 760 XP3 Vertical Machining Center
    30" x 24" x 24 (X-Y-Z) 9000 RPM Spindle
  3. Haas VF2 Vertical Machining Center
    30" x 16" x 20" (X-Y-Z) 7500 RPM Spindle
  4. Cincinnati Arrow 500 Vertical Machining Center
    20" x 20" x 20" (X-Y-Z) 3500 RPM Spindle
  5. Cincinnati Falcon 200 CNC Lathe
    2.00" Capacity thru 8" Chuck, 3000 RPM Spindle
    9.8" x 20.86" Capacity w/ Live Tailstock
  6. Cincinnati Falcon 300 CNC Lathe
    3.00" Capacity thru 12" Chuck, 3000 RPM Spindle
    18.9" x 59.00" Capacity w/ Live Tailstock
  7. Sunnen MBC 1850 Honing Machine
    Automatic or Manual Sizing, Power Stroking
  8. Bridgeport Milling Machine
    J2 Head, Digital Read Out, R8 Spindle
  9. Bridgeport Milling Machine
    J1 Head, R8 Spindle
  10. SuperMax Milling Machine
    8 x 48 Table, CAT 40 Spindle, Powered Feeds in X, Y, Z
  11. Retro Systems Cantilevered CNC Torch/Plasma
    Full CNC Control, 48" x 36" Cutting Area
    2" Cutting Thickness-Torch; 3/8" Cutting Thickness-Plasma
  12. Metal Muncher Hydraulic Ram Press
    135 Ton, 1-11/16" thru 1" plate Punch capacity
    48" table, 18" throat
  13. (2) Metal Muncher Shear/Press Machines
    3/8"x16" Shear Capacity, 100-Ton Press Capacity
  14. Hyd-Mech S20-A Series 2 Bandsaw
    13" High x 18" Wide Rectangular (13" OD Round) Cutting Capacity
    45 degrees Cutting Capacity: 13" High x 12" Wide Rectangular, 8" Round
  15. Hyd-Mech S20-A Series 3 Bandsaw
    Fully Programmable Sequencer
    13" High x 18" Wide Rectangular (13" OD Round) Cutting Capacity
    60 degree Cutting Capacity: 13" High x 7.3" Wide Rectangular, 8" Round
  16. Weld Shop
    Utilizing MillerMatic 350 Welders
  17. (2) HwaCheon Model HP-460 Lathes and (1) Monarch Model K Engine Lathe
  18. Various Drill Presses, Pipe Threaders, and Belt Sanders

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